A Place as Close as Home

Our Dog Spot is a home with people who truly love dogs.

At OUR DOG SPOT we understand that special bond. Your best friend deserves the very best in care when you just can't be there with them. This is where we can help to ease your mind and heart.

Colleen, your hostess OFFERS:

  • Only the finest in luxurious cosy comfort living in Cataraqui Woods in the city of Kingston
  • Colleen's Continuous, Compassionate Companionship and Care to all her furry friends.
  • Cage Free!
  • Plenty of exercise, fresh air, and one-on-one individual attention.
  • Long walks 4x a day
  • Lovely home atmosphere with complete home access for the ultimate in comfort.
  • Only 3 guests a night for the best individual attention.
  • Family Living - Just Like Home
  • Hostess Colleen and her wonderful husband, Dale, are proud to have been committed to the best in luxury home accommodations and loving care since 2001 with a previous successful 10 years as owner and founder of a very 'state of the art' kennel.

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