First Time Visitors

Your hostess has developed a routine to introduce parents and four legged guests to Our Dog Spot’s Home Vacations.

Introductory Visit

OUR DOG SPOT – HOME VACATIONS FOR DOGS Is a unique dog boarding service that we offer to a small guest list of 3 guests a night in our home. For this reason, we like to start by arranging an introductory visit – a 4 hour visit 10:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M. This gives your best friend a gentle introduction to Our Dog Spot and possibly new friends. It’s a short visit, to come and maybe have a little fun with a friend to achieve a positive feeling about their visit, and as well, to reassure them that Mom and Dad will come back for them.

Pajama Party

If I feel they are ready to come for the next step, we will arrange a 24 HOUR PAJAMA PARTY – just to make sure that they feel comfortable staying overnight for their longer visit. Your hostess brings over three decades of professional experience in the field and will use that experience to achieve the best possible results.

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