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In the fall of 2001, Colleen, with a previous ten year professional dog boarding background, opened an in-home alternative to a kennel environment. Her inspiration for HOME AWAY FROM HOME VACATIONS for Dogs Only derived from what she wanted for her dog, Mr. Kingsley, if she needed someone to care for him when she had to travel. She opened the doors of her elegant century home to her four legged guests in the fall of 2001. The home, located in Napanee, had two three bedroom dwellings, which was ideal. One side for her visiting four legged friends with all the comforts of a fine home; a large living room with satellite television, extensive window seats, built by a master carpenter, surrounding the room to take in the different views, spa music, a lovely sunny kitchen space with personal attention to each diner's needs, an enchanting bedroom, an office area and a beautiful, fully secured and supervised garden with ample shade trees, so they could roam freely for play or just sunning on the deck chairs by the pool.

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Colleen and her husband Dale resided on the other side. She named her Vacation Home for Dogs OUR DOG SPOT, inspired by SPOT, a black and white spaniel, her shadow guardian when she was a child. OUR DOG SPOT was a great success with 17 happy years sharing her home and her life with many furry friends. Just one thing could make it better. That’s right! Waterfront to complete the dream. So in March 2017, Colleen and Dale packed up the house and the dogs and moved to the water, just 12 minutes further down the road. Another successful 5 years on the Napanee River. It was to be our final dream home...


Illness in the family initiated the need to move once again to a lovely house in Cataraqui Woods, in Kingston, Ontario. The house required less maintenance with a smaller guest list continuing to offer the best in continuous, compassionate comfort and care.

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